Session Spotlight | Renato Beninatto, Closing Keynote Speaker

7 Feb 2020 4:05 PM | Anonymous

Closing Keynote Speaker

Renato Beninatto, CEO, Nimdzi Insights LLC

AILIA is thrilled to welcome back Renato Beninatto to our Rendez-vous Ottawa event. Renato will be presenting "Future-Proofing Your Business.” While some people complain about how awful the market is and how artificial intelligence is going to kill the language industry, those in the know look at what happened in the past and see how these patterns can apply to the future. Are you ready? Are you an energy generator or an energy consumer? Learn how to future-proof your business.

Renato is an internationally recognized expert in all things related to the language industry. Instigative, controversial, thought-provoking and opinionated, Renato Beninatto is the co-author of "The General Theory of the Translation Company" and driving force at Nimdzi Insights, a think-tank and consulting company that focuses on growth strategies for localization leaders. A former executive in some of the leading companies in the industry, Renato is also the co-host of the Globally Speaking podcast.

As always with Renato, it will be an informative, timely, and thought-provoking presentation with a global perspective. Don’t miss it.


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