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June Newsletter | Bulletin pour juin

Message from the President | Mot du président

Dear AILIA members and colleagues,

As the business world continues to evolve and transform itself in order to adapt to new COVID  realities, so is AILIA as an organization representing translation service vendors and language interests in Canada.  This week we hosted a digital webinar with the subject: Returning back to work, and the legal implications of  employers/employees, our experts from Fasken helped our audience get the latest information on this topic. Also this week, AILIA’s President was quoted in a Slator article on the topic of COVID translation business impact in Canada.

As we continue to adapt our approach to keeping our members and the public connected, more events and activities will be planned in a digital format. For example, our annual meetings and the AILIA Rendezvous event will be moving to an interactive digital format which our events committee is actively working on now. They will also be announcing other upcoming digital events.

This is also a great news for our sponsors, whose support we deeply appreciate. Due to the fact that social distancing and moving events to a digital format, logistical costs associated with travel are reduced without reducing real value to our sponsors or risking the health and wellness of our members.

Chers collègues et membres de l'AILIA,

Alors que le monde des affaires continue d'évoluer et de se transformer à mesure qu'il s'adapte aux nouvelles réalités de la COVID-19, l'AILIA, en tant qu'organisation représentant les fournisseurs de services de traduction et les intérêts linguistiques au Canada, en fait de même. Cette semaine, nous avons organisé un webinaire ayant pour thème Retour au travail et implication juridique employeur/employé, à l'occasion duquel nos experts de Fasken ont aidé les participants à obtenir les plus récentes nouvelles sur ce sujet. Cette semaine, le président de l'AILIA a été cité dans un article de Slator sur l'impact de la COVID-19 sur l'industrie de la traduction au Canada.

Par ailleurs, l'AILIA continue d'adapter son approche pour garder ses membres et le public informés en planifiant des événements et des activités numériques. Notre comité des événements travaille actuellement à transformer nos réunions annuelles et les rendez-vous de l'AILIA dans un format numérique interactif et fera l'annonce d'autres événements numériques à venir. Il s'agit également d'une excellente nouvelle pour nos commanditaires, dont nous apprécions le soutien apporté à notre association et à l'industrie langagière au Canada, puisque l'éloignement physique et la tenue d'événements numériques réduisent les coûts de déplacement et protègent la santé des gens sans compromettre la valeur de la commandite.

Industry news | Nouvelles de l'industrie

Read: Jost Reviews Terminotix's Bilingual Web Search in Tool Box Journal

Bilingual Web Search

I met briefly with Jean-François Richard of Terminotix (LogiTermAlignFactorySynchroTerm) who showed me Bilingual Web Search, his new product. He's excited about it, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of you will like it as well. This is how it works: You enter a language combination in the web-based interface, choose one of the predefined websites or enter a new one with the language combination you need, and then enter the term you're looking for. 

Clever, huh?

Here are a couple of things to consider: There's a huge difference in the number of preconfigured websites for the different language combinations (English> French = a whole lot, English> Inuktitut = not so much -- i.e., nothing). Also, if you enter a new website to crawl and look for bilingual terminology, you'll succeed only if the structure of the website follows a clear pattern. And, of course, there's a limit on the language combinations presently available.

As I said, though, Jean-François is excited about the product, so he wants to make it work for you. You can write to him at his email to let him know what language combinations you'd like and what websites you'd like to see preconfigured. Cost? Exactly as much as the usage of the tool: nothing.

For more information on how you can receive the Tool Box Journal newsletter, visit the website.

COVID-19 Resources

Lexique sur la pandémie de COVID-19 - Ressources du Portail linguistique du Canada

PSPC service continuity - Public Services and Procurement Canada

The Translation of European Union Legislation

New Publication: The Translation of European Union Legislation - A Corpus-based Study of Norms and Modality by Francesca Seracini.

Read about it here

Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan: Support for Canadians and Businesses

The Government of Canada is taking immediate, significant and decisive action to help Canadians facing hardship as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.


Plan d'intervention économique du Canada pour répondre à la COVID-19

Le gouvernement du Canada prend des mesures immédiates, importantes et décisives pour venir en aide aux Canadiens aux prises avec des difficultés à cause de l’éclosion de la COVID-19.



Following the launch of the Contagion Control Facility Management Standard for retail, Orion Assessments has adapted the standard and released a version for offices.

Read more about it here.


Terminology Summer School (TSS 2020) 

TSS2020 will be organized from 1st to 4th July 2020 as ONLINE event.

Meet your colleagues from all over the world, and benefit from

  • 4 days of inspiring lectures and keynotes, combined with hands-on workshops and happy hours,
  • 4 days of sharing knowledge and experience in terminology management with your peers from all over the world
  • 4 days of learning, discussing, sharing and presenting good and best practice in the terminology and translation communities.

An international, amazing terminology community is waiting for you. 
And your trainers are looking very much forward to you.

Book your full TSS online package, consisting of 4 days with all the benefits you can get. 

Or book a single day or 2 or 3 days you are most interest in (have a look at the program).
Information and Online Registration - Pay-per-Day are here.

This year, our summer school will focus on Terminology Management for Translation

And this is unique: Participation in TSS qualifies to obtain two different certificates for terminology and translation professionals:

1) the ECQA Certificate for Terminology Managers, which is also known as Terminology Driving Licence.
According to your experience and knowledge, you can sit exams at basic and advanced level, and – NEW – for basic level with focus on terminology management for translation.
Your full TSS2020 online package includes access to the training material we provide for our online courses.
Choose your level and prepare for TSS2020 and your ECQA exam in autumn/winter 2020/2021.

2) The brand new Certificate for Post-editors of Machine Translation Output, developed by the Language Industry Certification System (LICS) at Austrian Standards International (ASI), in cooperation with TermNet. 
Your full TSS2020 online package comes with a 10% discount of the certification fee.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or give me a call: +43 664 344 6180.

We look very much forward to welcoming you at TSS2020 ON.LINE.
Best regards,

P.S.: Your Full TSS 2020 Package also includes your Annual Subscription for Terminology Group Coaching.
Be part of our community 12 times a year, every first Thurdays of the month!

TermNet’s next International Terminology Summer School will take place from the 1st to 4th of July 2020 in Budapest, Hungary.

At tss2020, we will focus on terminology management for translation.

Location: Centre for Modern Languages of the Budapest
University of Technology and Economics.

Benefit from a training  that will bring you to the next level of
professional terminology work and management.

The International Terminology Summer School (tss) is the 
leading and largest international summer school for
terminology professionals with about 50 participants from
some 30 countries and almost every continent.

tss offers a practice-oriented training course covering a
comprehensive overview of the methods and principles of
terminology management in theory and practice - in Budapest 
with a special focus on terminology management for
translation professionals

The course is taught by some of the most renowned and
prominent terminology expert
s in the world.

Participation in the summer school qualifies to obtain the 
ecqa Certificate for Terminology Managers.
For frequently asked questions (faqs) please check out
our website.

P.S.: Register soon.





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