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2023 CLIA Annual Conference Agenda

07:30am - 08:00am (Room 1085) Sponsors Booth Setup

08:00am-09:00am (Room 1085) Registration and Welcome Reception

09:00am-09:20am (Room 1041Opening Remarks by the President: "20th Anniversary Celebration of the Canadian Language Industry Association"

09:20am-09:40am (Room 1041Presenting the new Board of Directors and new Board Members

09:40am-09:55am (Room 1041) Keynote Address: Dominic Laporte, Translation Bureau - "Update on the Translation Bureau and linguistic services demand in the federal government."

10:00am-11:00am (Room 1041Panel Discussion 1: "Language Industry Intelligence” (Nimdzi, Slator)

11:00am-11:15am (Room 1041) Coffee Break

11:15am-11:35am (Room 1041) Plunet - Sponsor’s presentation 

11:40am-12:00pm (Room 1041) Terminotix + Systran - Sponsor's presentation 

12:00pm-01:00pm (Room 1041) Panel Discussion 2: “Public and Private Sector Procurement Strategy for Translation – Pricing strategies” (Translation Bureau + CPA + ASICS)

01:00pm-02:00pm (Room 1085) Lunch Break and Networking

02:00pm-02:40pm (Room 1041Panel Discussion 3: “ChatGPT and its generative AI siblings” (Common Sense Advisory)

02:40pm-03:00pm (Room 1041) Memoq - Sponsor's presentation 

03:05pm-03:25pm (Room 1041) RWS - Sponsor's presentation

03:25pm-03:45pm (Room 1085) Coffee Break

03:45pm-04:05pm (Room 1041) Alexa Translations - Sponsor's presentation

04:05pm-04:25pm (Room 1041) Consoltec - Sponsor's presentation 

04:25pm-04:45pm (Room 1085) Coffee Break

04:45pm-05:00pm (Room 1041) Orion - Sponsor's presentation 

05:00pm-05:15pm (Room 1041) Sponsor's Presentation: Dr. Marie-Helene Girard, Mcgill University - "Legal Language and the language industry in Canada."

05:15pm-06:00pm (Room 1041Closing Remarks by the President and Networking

Note: The agenda can be modified as per the specific requirements of the Canadian Language Industry Association and the attendees' interests.

Download a PDF of the agenda. 


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